ANDRE M. TAFT                               


I ‘m a digital artist specializing in 3D and live action production.

I work on the Pre and Post-visualization side for studios. I am also a seasoned Vet in compositing in After Effects.

Previsualization helps directors visualize scenes before filming. Pre-vis is a 3D animated story board and more. Pre and Post-vis allows directors to experiment with different staging and art direction; such as lighting, camera placement and movement, stage direction and editing - without having to incur the costs of actual production. Pre/post-vis can include music, sound effects and dialogue to closely emulate the look of a fully produced and edited sequences, and are usually employed for complex or difficult scenes that involve stunts and special effects.

I also have a background in teaching, motion graphics compositing, tracking and rotoscoping. (UCLA, Art Institute, and more.

I also directed my first commercial and  hope to show it soon.

Thanks and lets create.

Andre M. Taft

U.S. MARINE : Never Give Up.


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